Hate wiping your dog's paws every time he comes indoors? We do too. 

Rough terrain ahead? Unable to avoid the downpour? Facing a snowstorm? Whatever the weather, our Furry Footwear keeps your dog's paw's clean and eliminates your headache!

Bottom-line: No arguments over dog-detail. Just doing the dishes.

Have you every tried walking in New York City with your shoes off? Don’t try it. The city is dirty, and I hate having my dog walk over it with his bare paws. Look - if you wear shoes, why shouldn’t your furry friends?
— Alex Wang


Want to score your neighbor's number? We can help.

Need a fresh look? Trying to get a double-date? Crave social media validation? Forget getting the latest iPhone, our Furry Footwear shoes step your pup's game up and gives you the street-cred you deserve.

Bottom-line: If you don't get stopped by multiple people as you walk down the street, you must have no neighbors. 

People take pictures of my dog like he is a celebrity -
— Brianna Hess


Our concept started in New York City in the summer of 2014. Known as the city that never sleeps, NYC is also the city with the most litter including broken glass, gum, and spit (and the list goes on). The following product features offer a paw full of protection!

  1. Rubber Soles -- The rubber soles on our product will protect your pup's paws. Yes, paws are tougher than human skin, but can they get cut? Absolutely! Don't let it happen; your best friend won't like you.
  2. Insulation -- By covering your furry friend's paws, he stays warm and comfortable. Your pet can get frostbite. Yes, we googled it. We also confirmed with our dog's vet. 
  3. Liquid Resistant -- We said liquid resistant because we mean more than just water. Ever have your pup pee, and 2 seconds later he steps right into his little puddle? You can now rest assure his paws will be clean!

Giving Back.

Giving Back! For each and every pair (well that isn't exactly right; he has 4 legs) we sell, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the ASPCA. So not only are you helping your little pup, you'll be helping other pups.